Ayam, the new French sake sealed by Mekano

France and Japan meeting inside a bottle sealed by the Mekano closure by Tapì Revò

Sake Ayam is the result of an idea from Nicolas Julhès – an insatiable dreamer who wanted to blend East with West in a spirit that conveys the essence of both regions.

This distinctive sake’s Asian exotic aromas fuse with the rice from France’s Camargue region, noted for its cultivation that’s been PGI recognised since the end of the ’90s. This is not only a blend of ingredients, but also a fusion of cultures – giving life to a drink brimming with innovative, groundbreaking and distinctive flavours.

In choosing a name for his sake, Nicolas was inspired by France’s unofficial national symbol – the coq gaulois or Gallic cockerel – and he then looked for a meeting point with the East. This is where the name Ayam was born as it was clearly influenced by Ayam Cemani – a unique species of chicken originally from Indonesia that boasts plumage as black as night.

The intensity of this new spirit is reflected in the rarity of the black, Ayam chicken and has led to the creation and development of a concept linked to its distinctive character. The font chosen for its logo conveys the power and nuances of this unique product by highlighting its origins and even its brand illustration conveys a key artistic message.

The concept linked to Saké Ayam was then transferred throughout its packaging. Its labels are printed on rice paper, reflecting the spirit’s Japanese roots. The black colour of the chicken, that’s highly translucent, in turn contrasts with the golden yellow of the unfiltered liquid that’s visible inside the bottle itself. The bottle’s curvaceous, feminine shape was redesigned to house the Mekano closure. The creative lab, Tapì Revò designed Mekano – a distinctive, exceptional closure that can be used time after time. It’s a choice that reflects Tapì’s commitment to its sustainability as a business while simultaneously revealing the care it takes over details included to convey the true essence of this unique product.


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