Carvia, the stylish and intensely flavoured French vodka, has selected a Tapì brand closure as its unique seal

The Tapì T-Wood closure preserves the splendour of Carvia Vodka

France’s Charente region extends across hills, vineyards, lakes and woodland. It’s in this marvellous natural setting that the craft distillery, La Maison de la Vodka, produces the noted Vodka Viche Pitia, and has just launched its new decadent vodka, Carvia.

Vodka Carvia is made by distillation in small copper stills using 100% proof rye alcohol and caraway seeds. This delectable French vodka finds its perfect partner in caviar – and it’s no coincidence that Carvia is an anagram of caviar. It also combines well with salmon and chocolate ice cream. And the vodka is sublime as a flambé for a filet of beef, but is delicious with any type of meat.

A versatile vodka that’s aromatic and distinctive, enveloped in vintage-look packaging and sealed with a tampoprinted T-Wood closure from the Tapì brand.

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Carvia Vodka

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