Distillerie L’Officine selects Tapì to seal its gin with exotic and far-flung flavours

The tapered T-wood closure from the Tapì brand tops off the limited edition gin, Flower Power

The story behind Distillerie L’Officine began with four French backpackers discovering New Zealand, a land of indigenous flora and fauna, and lush green countryside.

A game of Uno, a man incapable of losing at cards and the need for a gin and tonic to calm his nerves… This led to Baptiste’s eureka moment – start a distillery in his homeland, Alsace. Tired of seeing the juniper berries only being used to decorate culinary dishes, Baptiste decided to distil this ingredient. He went on to discover the perfect blend to breathe life into the best gin products from Distillerie L’Officine.

Over the years, Distillerie L’Officine rose onto the French scene with its premium products and ethical production processes. Organically grown raw ingredients are harvested by growers near the distillery and are combined with spring water only from the local area.

Under these specific conditions, this limited-edition gin has recently been created: Flower Power has a special bouquet of Alsatian flowers blended with elder and juniper berries. A feast for the senses sealed with a conical T-Wood closure, in laser-customised, coarse wood – by the Tapì brand.


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