Fred Jerbis selects T-Wood to top off its distinctive distillates

Tapì brand’s T-Wood closure accents the originality of Fred Jerbis spirits

Fred Jerbis is a distillery located in Italy’s Friuli region. Its strong connections to its terroir feature in the spirit’s name, which takes its inspiration from the local herb names in the Friuli dialect, ‘erbe di Federico’.

The passion for herbs and botanicals has always been instinctive for Fred, the distillate’s creator. Long walks through the Carnia woodlands helped him to study the area’s plants, leading him to cultivate them himself in the meadows near his home, with the aim of discovering the best techniques to extract and create essential oils from these timeless fragrances.

Later, Fred established his own lab where the collected plants are transformed into infusions and distillates. The beginnings of a journey of discovery and experimentation into spirits that sets the complete Fred Jerbis production apart, even today.

Innovative combinations and high-quality ingredients are skilfully blended with his passion for terroir and love of herbs. Each one of these values can be tasted in every product created by Fred Jerbis – all sealed and enhanced by the natural T-wood closure by the Tapì brand.

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