Stone Effect marks where the heavens meet the earth for the French Gin, Sothis

An organic grape distillate inspired by the distinctive terroir of its origin, Sothis Gin is named after both the goddess of fertility and a star. A strong relationship that illustrates the close connection between the earth and the celestial bodies.

This subtle gin is made from the distillation of grapes and naturally seeded plants that grow between the vineyards on the land belonging to Maison M. Chapoutier. And it’s produced using biodynamic practices where herb extracts play a pivotal role. It’s precisely these wild plants that bring a deeper understanding of the soil where they thrive and contribute to improvements in production methods.

A unique yet unusual approach, where listening to the needs of these plants is key to improving the distillation process – all under the attentive eye of Sothis, the Egyptian deity that personifies the Sirius star.

The link with the stars is an important one as it indicates how to cultivate the ground with the aim of creating combinations of unique ingredients that are reflected within the Maison’s own products. These fine distillates can tell us about the complex chemistry of its terroir – the perfect balance between climate, soil quality and human intervention.

And above all, Sothis Gin mirrors this exchange between sky and soil. It acts as a reminder that every terroir is unlike any other, just as this distinctive distillate is exclusive. Its exceptional qualities are further enhanced by luxurious packaging and sealed with Stone Effect from Tapì Signature’s Ceramic Inspiration range – ideal for premium products like Sothis. 

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Gin Sothis

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