Tapì’s Starcap closure preserves the aromatic complexity of Heol an Orient


March 1672. Eastern Sun, Heol an Oriant in Breton, embarked for Asia. This was the jewel in the crown of this newly formed French East India Company and it was the first of the great ships built on the banks of the Blavet, where the city of Lorient was to be established, leaving its name as a legacy.

The Eastern Sun returned to Europe after two years’ voyage with its hold packed with precious cargo. Pepper, spices, sandalwood and Indian cotton fabrics, and more from the famous but mysterious India. This voyage was only the beginning of an exploration that traced a new sea route to India, making Brittany the link between the Kingdom of France and the still enigmatic Far East.

It was from this page in Brittany’s history – a time of trade and connection between two continents – that Nicolas Poirier took his inspiration to create Heol an Orient. This Breton gin reminiscent of distant shores is based on juniper berries and coriander seeds, combined with eastern spices and essences such as cardamom, Java pepper, cinnamon from Ceylon and nutmeg. Into this special blend, Nicolas decided to add some other botanicals typical to Brittany, such as liquorice, angelica and elder, as well as lemon peel, bitter orange and a dash of fresh ginger.

This is a balanced organic gin whose powerful juniper flavours combine beautifully with the warmth and complexity of its spices but are softened by the sweetness of its herbs and fresh citrus notes.

Given its power and its echoes of the Indies, Heol an Orient could only be enclosed in an evocative and exceptional packaging. Its bottle is of an intense blue, reflecting the decorative motifs of oriental porcelain, and is sealed with a gold-coloured Starcap closure to emphasise the content’s excellence.


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